Massage Therapy

North Brisbane Lower Back Pain Treatment


Our Massage Therapist at Ashgrove Acupuncture & Diet Clinic has knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology combined with knowledge of Medical Conditions. Your treatment plan will be developed based on individual specific needs.

 Many health benefits can be gained through regular Massage Therapy Treatments. Massage can be used for the need to have time out for relaxation, reducing muscle tension and psychological stress, relieving pain or for general well-being. Regular massage can be used for health maintenance, in the treatment of illness acute or chronic, or for Health Concerns by –

  •      Improving joint mobility
  •      Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, cellulite reducing.
  •      Reducing pain
  •      Reducing muscular tension and stress anywhere on the body
  •      Aiding in the repair of Sporting Injuries
  •      Injury rehabilitation and disability



Massage can be used by a variety of patients and of all ages, and can also be used for preventative health care for general health and wellbeing.

     Massage Therapy can also be used for –

  •      Athletes, improving sports performance, prevent injuries, improve injury recovery, used prior to sporting event, improve physical and psychological preparations for a competition, improve warm up and mental imagery.
  •       Oncology care patients to reduce pain, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
  •      Pregnancy, improving mood by being a safe and effective way to create a positive experience in pregnancy, reducing aches and pains of neck, back, legs and feet.
  •      The massage treatment is tailored to each women’s specific needs during pregnancy and can be an integral part of pre-natal care.
  •      Above all regular massage can be used for a sense of relaxation aiding the patient to stop the world for a period of time and get back in contact with the self.
  •      Love Thy Self – create a sense of calm and peace of mind, reduce stress and anxiety.


Massage therapy is a complementary option for stress, anxiety and a busy life style.

    Take Time Today to relax and find a sense of calm and peace of mind.

    These are many more medical and non-medical conditions massage therapy can be used for speak to our registered therapist today and let us make you and your health our priority.